Rico Nasty is on fire! The punk rock star has released a new video for “Check Me Out” from Nightmare Vacation

Rico has taken us back to the nightmare side of things in this Claymation with her own rendition of Little Red Riding Hood.

Another moment for Rico came earlier this week when she announced an exciting collaboration with Crocs x High Snobiety on their “Curated By” campaign, which serves as a canvas for self-expression for all the talent involved.

Created in partnership with XR Creator, Consultant, and former DreamWorks Specialist Trainer Don Allen III (@donalleniii), the tokenized single edition digitized artwork is now sold exclusively via the authenticated digital art marketplace, SuperRare.


A new paradigm in art collecting, NFTs allow digital creations containing visual art and music – also known as “CryptoArt.” This time, the digital art highlights Rico Nasty’s aforementioned “OHFR?” from her album, NIGHTMARE VACATION. This year, Rico also made her TV debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with a Victorian-style performance of “OHFR?”

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