Bronze Package | Press Partnership



News Articles:

Informative articles about your music release, focusing on delivering all the relevant info about the artist, bio, and more. The article includes all the relevant music videos, cover arts, and streaming links for the specific single.

Each article will be available on all search sites like Google, Yandex, and more…

All the articles will get published in our magazines Out NowNames Magazine, and Today Influencers and on their social media outlets as well

Editorial Features:

Exclusive spotlight interview with the artist, featuring questions about his music career, inspirations, goals, and more.

The interview page features photos of the artists, cover arts / YouTube videos, and social media links.

Featured along with the interview, the artist will get a custom-made digital spotlight cover for his sharing on social media.

Depending on the package you select, your artists will get shared in our social features like Sneak Peek, Discover List, Bands Stage, Behind The Song, 10ofTEN, Out Now Favorites Of The Week, and more.