Unleash Your Sound: Elevate Your Music with Our “Artist Pack” Service.

What Our "Artist Pack" Include?

Boosted Social Showcase

From Instagram stories to Twitter shoutouts, we leverage our vast follower base to bring your music to the forefront. It's about creating meaningful connections with a global audience.

Online Artist Showcase

Get the recognition you deserve on our renowned digital magazine site. With a dedicated feature, we spotlight your music, ensuring it resonates with our 50k+ monthly visitors.

TikTok promo

Dive into the world of short-form video with our special TikTok promo. Get featured on our popular TikTok channel, reaching a vibrant and engaged audience.

Always Here for You

From captivating cover design to the final marketing masterpiece, our dedicated team collaborates with you every step of the way, ensuring your vision comes to life flawlessly.

Spotlight Interview

Step into the Limelight with Our Spotlight Interview! Share your story, your inspirations, and your aspirations with our vast audience. Accompanied by captivating photos, album covers, and YouTube videos, this interview is more than just words—it’s a visual and auditory experience.

And that’s not all! We’ll design a custom digital spotlight cover exclusively for you, perfect for sharing across your social media, letting your fans see you in a new light.

Latest Covers

Take a peek inside our latest covers

Exclusive Article

Unlock the Power of Exposure with Our Exclusive Article Feature! Dive deep into the essence of your music with a comprehensive article that not only showcases your latest release but also delves into your artistic journey.

With high-quality cover arts, engaging music videos, and direct streaming links, we ensure your music reaches the right audience.

Plus, with our SEO expertise, your article will be discoverable on leading search engines like Google and Yandex, amplifying your reach.”

"Sneak Peek" Social Feature

What Artists Says About Us

Amanda Lee


The ‘Artist Pack’ skyrocketed my single’s release! A beautifully crafted article, intimate interview, and wide-reaching social features made my music a global sensation. A heartfelt thank you to ‘Out Now’!

Adam Cheise

rap artist

‘Artist Pack’ is legit! The article, interview, and social media promos from ‘Out Now’ amplified my release, boosting streams and fan engagement. Mad respect for keeping it real! Thank you for the support along the promotion.

Mike Stuart

Music Producer

‘Out Now Magazine’ and their ‘Artist Pack’ put my work on the map! From a detailed article to an insightful interview and social features, they connected me with artists and fans alike. Essential for any music release!”


Most frequent questions and answers

The “Artist Pack” is a comprehensive promotional package that includes an Exclusive Article, a Spotlight Interview, and a feature in our “Sneak Peek” social media segment. Each element is crafted to spotlight your music, story, and brand across our digital magazine and social media channels, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement.

The “Artist Pack” provides a multi-faceted promotional approach for your single release. The Exclusive Article and Spotlight Interview provide in-depth insights about you and your music, while the “Sneak Peek” feature on our Instagram and special promo on TikTok offer visual and interactive elements to engage fans and attract new listeners. Together, they create a holistic promotional strategy to amplify your single’s reach and impact.

While the “Artist Pack” is a curated package, we understand the unique needs of each artist. Our customer service team will work closely with you to ensure that each element of the pack – from the article to social media features – aligns with your vision and promotional goals. We’re here to make sure your music is presented in the best light possible!

Your Exclusive Article and Spotlight Interview will be prominently featured on our main website, ensuring accessibility to our monthly visitors. Additionally, highlights, links, and special content from both the article and interview will be shared across our robust social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest, maximizing your exposure and engagement across multiple platforms and diverse audiences. This multi-channel approach ensures that your music and story reach as many ears and eyes as possible!

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